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Vixen - Jillian Larkin Honestly, I put this book down after the first chapter because of this excerpt:

"Oh my gawd-- Welda, my lab partner, was just suspended...she was caught in the bathroom during last wknd's dance with the CAPTAIN of the football team..."

I'm sorry, but any author who actually uses abbreviations like that in a finished product is not worth my time. Not to mention the editors and publishers who should have caught this and replaced it with the proper, fully typed out word, before it ever reached the public.

I really, truly hope this is a horrible mistake in printing. Either way, the book starts out completely uninteresting, and I don't get the feeling at all that I am in the 1920's with this book. I get the feeling that I'm watching an annoying, rebellious, rich teenage girl who could be easily yanked out of this book and placed into any other time setting, which rather defeats the point of a historical novel for me.